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All rights reserved © 2018 by THE KENT GROUP Associates, Inc. 

THE KENT GROUP Associates, Inc.

2 Industrial Road Suite 203

Fairfield, NJ 07004, U.S.A.

 TEL: 973.402.5888

Mail: jim@thekentgroup.com


 In order to cover all supply chain risks within meaningful audit programs, intelligent and advanced audit management is needed. 


At The Kent Group, we know why we come to work, waking up every day with one common purpose – to make the supply chain world a safer, more secure, more sustainable place to manage for our clients. Executing our independent and professional audits helps to implement the latest supply chain control strategies and systems in an increasingly complex world. This in turn, allows you as our valuable client, to enjoy the highest degree of peace of mind in managing your supply chains. We continue to build upon our legacy of trusted audit expertise, as we march forward into the future.


To consistently deliver and execute quality audit programs for our clients, that focus on achieving or exceeding supply chain excellence within clear assigned best practice audit control targets.

To document all problems suppliers have independently and thoroughly and recommend options and solutions to our clients to resolve them quickly.



At the KENT GROUP, we conduct in-depth supply chain workflow and audit data analyses using advanced statistical audit methods. Through this we execute sophisticated audit programs that can integrate and convey complex data/information while maintaining a data catalog. This provides key audit data to you as our client which leads to beneficial outcome, such as more effective supply chain performance.


Jim Kachidurian, President THE KENT GROUP Associates Inc.: “Our expertise to transform complex audit data into creative charts, graphs and tables and presenting and sharing this valuable data in a comprehensive and concise instant “real-time” manner helps our valuable clients in a profound manner to assess trends and to identify all emerging business critical issues.” 

Jim Kachidurian, President

Jim has more than 30 years of experience in providing staffing and project management services. A graduate of Wilkes University in 1982 with a BS in Business Administration and majors in Marketing, Management and Economics. He formed The Kent Group Associates, Inc. (KGA) as IT contingent staffing and solutions firm in 1990. This firm quickly morphed into an auditing and consulting practice primarily servicing, initially for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, but expanded later to almost all industries.


 In 2009, KGA began working in the regulatory and compliance marketplace supplying ISO auditors to SGS, a Global Certifying body. The success of the audit practice within KGA has spurned the ongoing growth of the regulatory and compliance auditing and consulting practice.

Jim is experienced in the areas of vendor management, business analysis, information technology, and process improvement. His client roster has ranged from mid-size companies to multi-national corporations and included such notable companies as Computer Associates, SGS and Chubb Insurance, Mattel, Chrysler, Nestle, Estee Lauder, Pfizer and Barnes & Noble. He previously worked with Jarvis Walker and helped launch Carter McKenzie, both companies focused on staffing.

Independent Auditor Expert Team 


All auditors and inspectors are experts in their field. Mostly lead auditors with many years of experience, the knowledge of KGA auditors and consultants comprises Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management, Industrial Hygiene, Resilience, Security, Preparedness And Continuity (RSPC) Management, Social Responsibility, Transportation Safety Management, and many more.


Every auditor in the North American KGA auditor pool understands the newest ISO quality management system requirements, its principles and their applications, as well as requirements for the quality standard being audited against. Appreciation of legal and other requirements relevant to inspection enables KGA auditors to evaluate the supplier's management systems in every industry setting.

Request detailed resumes of our independent auditors here

Or call our office now: 973-402.5888 or send email to: jim@thekentgroup.com



TEL: 973.402.5888

​EMAIL: jim@thekentgroup.com